Private Dining & Events at Underhill Farms

Underhill Farms Country Inn is complete with a private dining room for up to 45 people and is available for receptions, meetings, seminars, luncheons, showers, reunions, or any gathering. For morning meetings, a full or continental breakfast can be chosen, or for luncheons and dinners, choose from an array of entrees, sides, and home-made desserts.

Shown below is our complete menu with prices. Please choose your menu at the time of placing your reservation. All meals are served family style, and in large portions. Taxes and gratuity are not included in our menu pricing.


A full or continental breakfast is available. All breakfast meals include fruit juice and coffee.

Blueberry Muffins: $6.95
French Toast: $8.95
Egg and Sausage Casserole: $8.95
Huevos Rancheros: $8.95


Soups are served with bread, coffee, and tea.

New Mexican Cheese Soup: $6.75
Chili: $6.75
Vegetable Soup: $6.75
Chicken Noodle: $6.75
Tomato: $6.75
French Onion: $6.75


Lunch is served with salad, bread, coffee, and tea. Items with an asterisk are served with baked beans, chips, coffee and tea.

Huntington Chicken: $9.95
Lasagna: $9.95
Spaghetti: $9.95
Goulash: $9.95
Ham and Beans: $9.95
Mexican Casserole: $9.95
BBQ Sandwich*: $9.95
Cold Cuts*: $9.95


All entrees are served with salad, potatoes or rice, vegetable, bread, coffee, and tea. Appetizers and Punch Bowl also available upon request.


Baked Steak: $17.95
Brisket: $17.95
Prime Rib: $19.95
Baron of Beef: $17.95
Steak by Kaufman: $19.95


Ribs: $15.95
Ham: $15.95
Pork Loin: $17.95
Sweet & Sour: $15.95
Pork Chops: $17.95
Roast: $15.95


Chicken Breast: $14.95
Tandoori Chicken: $14.95
Smoked Turkey: $14.95

All of the above meals are served with one side dish.


Apple Crisp: $2.50
Parfait: $3.50
Pie: $3.00
Cheesecake: $4.50
Cream Puff: $2.50
Cake: $2.00
Ice Cream: $2.00

To make a reservation for groups up to 45, call (620) 345-8415 or contact us here.

We look forward to accommodating your next luncheon, dinner party, reception, or business meeting!

Taxes and Gratuity are not included in our menu pricing